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India gifted 1,000 MTs of Rice to Malawi. The gift was handed over to the Deputy Minister of Agriculture by the High Commissioner of India on 26 October 2021 at a Presentation Ceremony in Lilongwe

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Gifting of 1,000 MTs Rice by Government of India to Government of Malawi

High Commissioner of India, Sh. Anurag Bhushan today presented 1,000 MTs Rice worth INR 5.3 Crore (US$ 700,000) to Government of the Republic of Malawi.

The gift of rice has been handed over to the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Honourable Agnes Nkusa Nkhoma, M.P, on 26 October, 2020, at a presentation ceremony held at Ministry of Agriculture, Lilongwe.

The gift of Rice is a gesture of goodwill and friendship between India and Malawi and this timely gift of rice would go a long way in supporting Malawians during the COVID pandemic. The gifting of rice is also in support of Government of Malawi’s efforts in meeting the recent food shortage caused by acts of nature in Malawi.

The Government of India is actively engaged in supporting Government of Malawi in achieving its developmental goals through various development schemes, gifts and grants. This gift of rice is another prominent milestone in furthering the goodwill and friendship between India and Malawi.

26 October2020


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