About Us FAQs on Passport

Q: I want to apply for renewal of my passport, where can I find the form and what documents do I need to attach to the form?

A: Applicant can apply online on https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/

Link to find Steps for Online Applications

All the information regarding requirements of documents can be found at: https://www.hcililongwe.gov.in/page/attestation/

Q: Do I need to provide original documents or will certified copies or extract be enough?

A: Applicants are required to attach self -attested photocopies of all the required documents with the application form. Original documents must be produced at the counter; which will be returned after verification.

Q.1 How long does it take to renew a passport?

A: Police verification is mandatory for passport application at the Indian address mentioned in Passport. The police verification may take time. Also, the passport booklets are printed in India, it takes longer to render the services. The applicants are advised to apply well in advance.

Q: An Indian Passports booklet contains how many pages?

A: An ordinary passport consists of 36 pages, while a Jumbo passport have 64 pages.

Q: I am an Indian Passport holder and my passport has less than six-month validity, can I travel with this passport?

A: For international travel, Passport should be valid for minimum 6 months, so it is advisable to get your passport renewed immediately.

Q: What would be the validity of a minor's passport?

A: The validity of a minor's passport is restricted to five years or till they attain the age of 18, whichever is earlier. But the minors aged between15 to18 years can apply either for a 10 years validity passport or for a passport which is valid till they attain the age of 18 years. Different fees are applicable depending upon which category they are applying for.

Q: Explain citizenship of India by birth, descent, registration, naturalization.

A: ?Citizen of India by birth?: You are Citizen of India by birth if you are born in India.

?Citizen of India by descent: You are Citizen of India by descent if you are born outside India and either of your parents is a citizen of India at the time of your birth.

?Citizen of India by registration/naturalization: You are Citizen of India by Registration/Naturalization if you have been granted Indian Citizenship by Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Govt of India.

Q: Can an Indian passport be issued to applicants born in Malawi?

A: Indian passport can be issued to the "Citizen of India by Descent" i.e. person born to Indian parent(s) outside India. Parents need to Register the birth of Child online at https://indiancitizenshiponline.nic.in/ and apply for Birth Certificate at The High Commission of India before applying for passport services for their child.

Q: I recently got married/divorced. How to change name or endorse spouse name in passport?

A: It is advisable to endorse spouse’s name in the passport immediately after getting married. Applicant needs to apply for a "Re-issue" of passport in order to add/delete or change any of the personal particulars in existing passport. Original documents with clear photocopies as proof of the same is to be submitted at the Mission along with the application form.

Q: What are the additional requirements if passport has expired more than three years ago?

A: Fresh police verification would take place if you apply for re-issue of passport after expiry of old passport after three years. Processing time depends on Police Verification report received from Concerned Authority in India.

Q. I lost my Indian Passport, how do I Reissue my Passport?

A: Loss of passport should be immediately reported to the nearest Police Station and Police Complaint Report should be obtained. After this, apply for Re-issue of passport under lost category. Submit print out of online application, original police complaint report with clear copy of first, last and valid permit page of lost Indian passport.

Q: I Lost/Damaged my passport, Can I apply it under Tatkal?

A: No, at High Commission of India in Lilongwe as we don’t have Passport printing facility.

Q: I lost my passport recently. I've applied for reissue of passport. I want to know if the new passport will have the same number as my old passport?

A: No, the new passport will have a New passport number.

Q: The pages in my passport booklet have exhausted, but it is still valid for few more years. What is the procedure to apply for new booklet?

A: Additional pages cannot be added to a passport booklet. If the pages in the passport booklet have exhausted, you need to apply for "Re-issue" of passport under Passport pages exhausted category. A new passport booklet would be issued to you.

Q: There is a mistake in the spelling of my name in the passport. What can I do?

A: If you find any mistake/error in the passport particulars printed in the new passport booklet, please bring this to the notice of this Mission immediately. Usually applicants are advised to check the passport particulars and stamps at the time of passport collection. If it is found that the applicant has made mistake in the online application form or has not submitted supporting documents as proof for change in passport particulars, the applicant needs to apply for Re-issue of passport and pay again.

Q: My spouse is a foreign citizen. What document(s) do I need to submit along with my passport application to include his/her name in my passport?

A: For the applicants whose spouse is a foreign citizen and the name needs to be included in the passport, one of the following documents need to be submitted along with the passport application:

  1. If marriage concluded in Malawi: Marriage Certificate issued by Foreign Government, duly attested/apostle by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, govt. of Malawi.

  2. If marriage concluded in India: Marriage Certificate issued in India by Indian authorities (Marriage Officer/Registrar of Marriage) and attested/apostle by the Attestation Cell in Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India or from Regional Offices of Ministry of External Affairs.