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FROM : Felix Paul Phiri

Immigration Department

P.O Box 331


TO : Indian High Commission LILONGWE


I would like to submit the report following the training programme on “Entrepreneurship & Small Business Promotion” from September 26 – November 04, 2016 organized by the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad.

On the first day as a part of the programme, we were given an opportunity to make a country paper presentation outlining the following points:

  1. The socio-economic background of Malawi.       

  2. Policies that the Malawi government adopts to foster Industrial development ,small scale sector

  3. Interventions undertaken through training for SME development.

  4. Activities of the Immigration department etc.

  5. One slide with a map of Malawi along with National Flag

This was a good platform for me to tell all the participants more about Malawi e.g. political overview, health overview, industry and education system etc.

We benefited a lot from this training programme because after the training we are now equipped with new techniques and skills to perform the following:

  1. Identify and analyze constraints and barriers to entrepreneurship development and devise appropriate strategies.

  2. initiate, plan and implement entrepreneurship development activities for creation of small enterprises

  3. Sensitize the environment for extending timely assistance and support required for establishment of small business ventures.

  4. Effectively counsel the entrepreneurs in various areas such as: enterprise selection, implementation and management of new enterprises as well as survival, growth and diversification of existing enterprises.

  5. Designing and Managing Support Services for Potential Entrepreneurs

  6. Effective Business Counseling

During the two weeks Study tour we were taken away from Ahmedabad and visited different historic places across India and these are major tourists’ attraction centers for example Taj mahal. We were provided an exposure to Indian industrial scenario and cultural milieu.

I would therefore, like to thank you nominating me to attend the training programme, I have really learnt and experienced a lot during my stay in India. The knowledge acquired will one way or the other assist me in coming up with entrepreneurship development programs for the department and the country at large. When another chance arises in future consider me to further my studies in Entrepreneurship at postgraduate level.

Mr. F.P.Phiri (Assistant Immigration officer)