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Rajbhasha Gaurav Award Scheme for Original Book Writing in Hindi for the Year 2019

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Rajbhasha Gaurav Award for Original Book Writting in Hindi on ‘Gyan-Vigyan’ for the Citizens of India.

The book may be on any stream of modern Technology/Science or contemporary subject. For example: -

  • Emerging electronics, computer science, physics, biology, energy, space science, medical science, chemistry, information technology, management, psychology etc.

  • Contemporary subjects such as liberation, globalisation, consumerism, human rights, pollution etc.

Edibility: Any citizen of India can take part in the Award Scheme (Proforma-2)


First Prize (One) - Rs. 2,00,000, a Certificate and a Memento

Second Prize (One) - Rs. 1,25,000, a Certificate and a Memento

Third Prize (One) - Rs. 75,000, a Certificate and a Memento

3. Common terms for the above schemes:

  • Entry can be sent for only one of the above mentioned schemes. In case of Authors being more than one each co-author must fill the proforma separately.

  • Under the scheme only those books in Hindi which are original work of the author are accepted. Translated books are not accepted.

  • Books awarded previously by any government organization will not be eligible. Department of Official Language must be informed immediately if the book is awarded under any other award scheme before the declaration of wards under the subject.

  • Under the scheme, books published between 01.01.2019 ans 31.12.2019 are acceptable.

  • The book should be an analytical review of the subject it deals with. Books written in the form of of departmental manuals, thesis for PhD., Poems, novel, story, play etc. or text books are not eligible.

  • The author will be responsible for facts and figures given in the book and must give references wherever possible as proof.

  • If a person has received a prize under the original book writing scheme of Department of Official Language during the preceding three years, his/her entry shall not be considered. However, Co-author if any is eligible will be given the amount proportionally.

  • The book should contain at least 150 pages

  • if the Evaluation Committee arrives at the conclusion that none of the books sent as entries, is suitable for the award its decision in this regard will be considered as final.

  • In case, a book selected for the award has more than one author, award money will be divided equally among them.

  • Only those books which have ISBN will be entertained under this scheme.

4. Procedure for sending the entries

  • The author should send his/her entry/entries along with proforma (Compulsorily full filled) given at Annexure without which no entry will be entertained.

  • Three copies of the book be sent invariably with each entry. The books will not be returned.

  • An author may send only one entry in any one of the scheme.

  • All entries must reach this Department latest by 01 May, 2020.

5. Evaluation Procedure of Books

Books will be evaluated by a committee of available renown scholars/experts based on the criteria set by the Department of Official Language.

6. Declaration and distribution of awards

  • Decision regarding the award will be intimated through a letter to all the awardees and will also be placed on the date fixed by the Department of Official Language.

  • Awardees coming from places other than the place fixed for distribution of awards will be given 2nd A.C rail fare for to and fro and daily allowance as per rules of Govt of India. Arrangement for lodging to be done at own expenses.

  • Information about this scheme is also available on our website http://www.rajbhasha.gov.in

8. Entries may be sent to the High Commission of India in Lilongwe at the following address:

High Commission of India

Area 9, Plot 55


Email: hc.malawi@mea.gov.in

Proforma 2 :Click here