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Advisory for Visa Applicants for Polio Vaccination

Posted on: November 20, 2023 | Back | Print

                                                                                     High Commission of India



                                                                                       Advisory for Visa applicants

A dose of Oral Polio vaccine is mandatory for all Resident Nationals of Malawi travelling to India. The medicines should be administered 4 weeks prior to the travel to India thorough a Government approved Medical clinic, institute or hospital in your country.

The certificate of Polio Vaccination(enclosed) should be carried along with the other immigration documents. This is a mandatory requirement as per the Government of India.


                                                                               Sample Copy of Polio Certificate

                                           Certificate of Oral Polio Vaccination for international travellers

                                                                  (Valid for one year from date of Vaccination)

Name: _________________________________ Sex _______________________________

Passport No. _______________________ Date of Birth/Age _________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

Date of Vaccination

Name of Manufacturer

Batch Number of Vaccine

Name, Signature and Stamp of designated Officer