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Results of Technical Bids Evaluation- Supply of 200 laptops to the Government of Malawi

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High Commission of India

07 July 2022
Tender No.:  LIL/103/03/2021
Tender subject: Tender for Supply of 200 Laptops to the Government of Malawi.
Tender Published on : 05 April 2022

High Commission of India (HCI) floated a tender for ‘Supply of 200 laptops to the Government of Malawi’ on CPP portal and Mission’s website on 05 April 2022 with last date for submission of bids as 09 May 2022. A pre-bid conference was held at the Chancery on 28 April 2022, which was attended by two local vendors. 

2. As HCI did not receive any bids till the last date, the tender was published in local newspapers and the last date of receiving the bids was extended to 23.05.2022.

3. Subsequently, HCI received 19 bids by the stipulated deadline. Technical bids of all 19 bidders were opened by the Tender Committee (TC) on 26.05.2022 in the High Commission in presence of representatives from three bidders viz. M/s Computer Automation, M/s Click Africa and M/s New Touch of Class. The Tender Committee after thorough scrutinization of bid documents as per the terms laid down in the tender document found the following companies eligible for opening of financial bids:
i) M/s Business Machines
ii) M/s M1 Electronics

4. The financial bids will be opened on 11.07.2022 at 1500 hrs at the High Commission. Representatives of  qualified bidders (not more than two) may attend the of financial bids opening.


(Harjeet Singh)
Second Secretary (HOC)