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Advisory for Indian Doctors visiting Malawi

Posted on: April 20, 2018 | Back | Print

High Commission of India
Lilongwe (Malawi)

   Advisory for Indian Doctors visiting Malawi

          High Commission of India in Malawi is aware that Indian Doctors visit Malawi at the invitation of  Malawi Hospitals or  other Organizations with whom they have professional linkages. Normally, it has been observed that the Indian Doctors visit for Consultation purposes; to participate in  Medical camps;  visiting their patients for post-surgical consultations;  attending Seminars or Conferences or International meetings etc.                                          

          The Govt. of Malawi, Ministry of Health officials have conveyed to the High Commission that while they encourage  Indian Doctors to visit Malawi  to enhance the India  Malawi cooperation in the Health Sector, the Indian Doctors will have to abide by the  Immigration and  Visa rules of Malawi. 

          This advisory is for  Indian Doctors visiting Malawi, that they should ensure that if their visit involves Consultation, participating in Medical camps or even Post surgical consultations of their patients whom they have treated in India, the Doctors should have approvals of the Ministry of Health and the Medical Council of Malawi to undertake any or all of the above mentioned consultations. Doctors may ascertain from their Malawian  sponsors whether they have obtained all the required approvals from the Malawi authorities, to ensure that  Indian  Doctors do not violate any local laws, rules or procedures which can be cause of severe embarrassment, if local laws are not  adhered.                                     

          Visiting Indian Doctors may wish to seek any clarification from the High Commission of India, Malawi, if  required,   by email at  hoc.malawi@mea.gov.in  or  cons.malawi@mea.gov.in .

April 19, 2018