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Tender for Hiring of Local Security Guard at High Commissioners Residence (India House)

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High Commission of India


No.Lil/Pol/813/1/2017 8th Feb, 2018

Tender for Hiring of Local Security Guard at High Commissioner’s Residence (India House)

1. Scope of Work: The High Commission of India, Lilongwe invites Technical and Financial bids/quotations for hiring of Local Security Guard for the High Commissioner’s Residence (India House) which is located in area 43 Lilongwe.

2. The Technical bid consisting of all technical details along with commercial terms and conditions. The financial bid indicating items-wise price for items mentioned in the technical bid. The technical bid and the financial bid should be sealed by bidders in separate covers and both sealed covers are to be put in a bigger cover which should be duly super scribed. “Bid for hiring of two Local Security Guards and Rapid Response Alarm System” for residence of High Commissioner of India.

3 The job specifications of local security agency services are as follows:-

(a) To prevent any unauthorised entry of person/object inside ER (b) Patrolling India House premises (24X7) courtyard and intervention and

necessary action (c) Informing local police, authority and activating panic button in case of any

attack or crises situation (d) Prevent unauthorised parking in front of India House. (e) Assist in case of Fire, Medical or other emergencies (f) Prevent any defacing of India House wall /building or disrespect to the

national flag. (g) Record the details of persons permitted inside India House. Also maintain record for any vehicle permitted e.g GDIP, Traffic Police, Ambulance, Fire van e.t.c (h) 24hr watch/vigil of High Commissioner’s Residence premises

Eligibility Criteria for prespective companies

4. The bidder should provide the following detailed information in descriptive terms along with supporting documents and records as part of technical bid:-

(a) The bidder should have an experience of providing such services for at least 3

years. Past experience, service history, achievements of the company

(b) The bidder should have experience in providing services in security to

sensitive organisations, offices and large commercial establishments. (c) The bidder should be able to provide user satisfaction certifications from at

least 3 organisations (d) The bidder should provide valid service Tax and VAT number (e) The bidder should provide LSGs which have been vetted by Local Government security department in terms of past records, character and antecedents. Background details of LSG along with proof of vetting to be provided. (f) List of other clients the company is servicing in terms of supply of local

security guards. (g) Evidence of Registration of the company under relevant statutory regulations

applicable to Malawi. (h) Range of security services provided by the firm (i) Reserve pool of men and logistics such as response teams, patrol vehicles,

security equipment, and communication equipment under use. e.t.c (j) Average period for which as security guard and security supervisors remain

with the company. (k) Training facilities, does the company have its own training facility? Or does the company avail the facility of another provider or company that only focus on training? What is the curriculum and training duration of security guards and the supervisor. (l) Industry certificate obtained by the company for its quality and companies

relationship with local police. (m) Average home take pay allowances for security guards.

Eligibility Criteria for local security Guard

5 The parameters pertain to personal qualities and attributes of LSGs and their eligibility criteria to be provided by the firm along with Technical details as follows:-

(a) Age Limit :- LSG should not be more than 45 years of age (b) Physically and mentally fit and should not suffer from apparent disability including obesity/overweight e.t.c. The provider should provide fitness certificate in respect of every LSG from an authorised medical practitioner. LSG should not be emaciated, feeble and timid in an apparent sense. (c) Provide background details of the LSGs along with certification vetted by the Government security department in terms of record, character and antecedents. (d) Should perform their duties in smart uniform and their overall appearance

should be neat and clean.

th (e) Should have attended school at least up to 12

Standard/ Form IV Lavel. (f) Besides local language, should be able to speak and read English. (g) Should be thoroughly proficient and trained in handling of arms/other security equipment they are permitted to carry as per Local regulation. (h) Option to choose & retain: An interested security company should agree and be able to provide a choice of persons three times our requirement to interview and chose from. In case of good performance our Mission should have the option of retaining a particular LSG. (i) Rotation of Staff: subject to above condition, the company should have sufficient LSGs on its roll so that the staff is rotationed periodically. Ideally the staff should change after every 3 months .

6 Visit to High Commission premises:- Registered Interested parties may visit the High Commission between 19th February, 2018 to 23rd February, 2018 to familiarise with India House premises

7 Commencement of Services:- The service will need to be made operational within 30 days from award of contract falling which the High Commission reserves the right to cancel the contract and award it to another agency.

8 Instructions for bidders

(a) Bidders are required to submit their bids by 9


March 2018 to the address mentioned below. The embassy may at its discretion extend the deadline for submission of bids by amending the bidding document in which case all rights and obligations of the Embassy and the Bidders previously subject to original deadline will thereafter be subject to the deadline as extended.

Address details High Commission of India Plot Number 55, Area 9 Lilongwe E-mail:hoc.malawi@mea.gov.in Tel:+265 1 755 348

(b)Bidders shall furnish all the data/information called for under the bidding documents to the complete satisfaction of the High Commission falling which the Bid will be considered as incomplete and non-responsive and the Embassy reserves the right to reject the Bid.

(c) All data information and any other material submitted by the bidders in the process of bidding and part of bidding documents shall remain the exclusive property of the High Commission all the time.

(d) A prospective bidder requiring any clarification may contact undersigned in writing, either by post, fax or e-mail at least three –four business days before the deadline of the submission of the Bid.

(e)The Bid and all correspondence and documents relating to the Bid exchanged between the Bidder and the Embassy shall be written in English Language.

(f) The price to be quoted by the Bidders shall in Malawi Kwacha only. The price shall include all VAT taxes, miscellaneous services and duties and services. However VAT must be specified separately. The prices quoted by the bidder shall be kept open and valid for acceptance for a minimum period of Ninety (90) business days.

(g) The Bid shall contain no alterations, omissions or additions overwriting except those to comply with instructions issued by the High Commission or as necessary to correct errors made by the bidders, in which case the person or persons signing the Bid shall initial all such corrections.

(h) The High Commission reserves the right to accept/ reject the Bid and does not bind itself to accept the lowest bid or any Bid and can reject any or all of the bids por to scrap the RFP in whole or in part.

(i)The Successful Bidder should not sub-contract any part of the scope of work to be undertaken by them without written permission from the High Commission. The Bidder to whom the contract is awarded is solely responsible to the High Commission for the completion of the awarded contract.

9 Terms of Payment. The settlement of the bills for the company selected for the job would be on monthly basis and through company cheque.

High Commission of India Lilongwe

High Commission of India invites proposals from interested Security Companies for Security arrangement involving provision of two Security Guard (on day and night duty) and for the Monitoring Security Alarm Response System at High Commissioner’s Residence. Plot No. 330 , Area 43, Lilongwe.

You are requested to send your bid by 9th March,2018

For further details,visitour website for Notice”Tender for Hiring Security Guard for Indian High Commission, Malawi.