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Applications seeking information under the Act may be sent along with the prescribed fee in Malawian Kwacha 100/- in cash, cheque or demand draft favouring High Commission of India, Lilongwe.
It may be noted that information provided under the Act is available to citizen of India only. Application should be submitted alongwith documentary proof of Indian Citizenship(like of copy of particulars pages of passport)
More information is available at http://rti.gov.in

It may also be pointed out that as per section 6(1)(a) of RTI Act 2005, a person who desires to obtain information under the Act is required to submit the application to the Information Office of the concerned Public authority. Applicants are, therefore, advised to send their requests Under the RTI Act to the High Commission only when the subject matter can reasonably be presumed to pertain to High Commission. While section 6(3) provides for the transfer of an application by a receiving PIO to another (concerned) PIO, this is clearly meant to cover situation where the application is addressed to a PIO on the assumption that it has been directed to the PIO concerned. Where the Information required obviously does not pertain to the High Commission, the application may be addressed to the concerned PIO directly.

RTI Officer

Shri Anil Kumar
Second Secretary(Pol & Cons)
High Commission of India, Lilongwe
E-mail: hoc.malawi@mea.gov.in
Fax: 00-265-1755337
Tel: + 265-1750014

Appellate Authority
Shri Suresh Kumar Menon
High Commissioner
High Commission of India,Lilongwe
E-Mail: hc.malawi@mea.gov.in
Fax: 0026501755337
Tel: +265-1750011
Contact Information
Address: Plot No. 55, Area 9
P.O. Box No. 1482, Lilongwe-3