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IMPORTANT Notice for Indian Passport Holders applying for Passports or Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

Posted on: May 29, 2020 | Back | Print

Revised Guidelines for PCC

As per latest guidelines for PCC by the Govt. of India, fresh Police verification will be conducted for every application for PCC by the concerned authorities in India. Mission can issue PCC only after receipt of CLEAR police verification report from India.

Revised Guidelines for Passport / Re-Issue of Passport

As per latest guidelines for issue / re-issue of passports by the Govt. of India, Police verification is mandatory.  In most of the cases, the Police verification will be conducted before issuing of the Passport.
Only certain categories including as mentioned below can be exempted where Police verification may be conducted after issuing the passports depending upon case to case basis:
    • Indian national who has been continuously residing abroad for more than 5 years and holds Permanent Residence/Work Permit / Green Card or Permanent visa.
    • A minor born abroad and never resided in India during last 5 years.

Note for All applicants for PCC / Passport:

Applicants are requested to apply for the PCC or Passport well in advance enabling us to provide the services timely.  All the applicants need to fill Personal Particulars Form (PPF) in duplicate. The link to the forms is given below:

    • Police Clearance Certificate Form (PCC)
    • Personal Particulars Form (PPF)
    • Online Passport Application