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High Commission of India

Lilongwe (Malawi)



                The Government of Malawi has recently approved National Employment and Labour Policy and will soon start rigorous screening of expatriates in Malawi to form tough expatriates’ law. Only those areas where Malawi does not have adequate skills or expertise will be allowed to employ expatriates as stipulated in the Malawi Employment of Expatriates and Employments Permits Act. Indian nationals coming to Malawi for employment are, therefore, advised to follow all general directives/instructions for employment in Malawi:-

? Indians working in Malawi without valid work/employment permit are alerted to be aware and are urged to exercise due caution, as soon as possible;

? Indians who want to come for skilled employment/work in Malawi should come on appropriate Work/Employment visa. Workers who come on Visitor /Tourist visa and thereafter start working in Malawi, are considered as illegally employed, could face arrest & deportation.

? Employment Contract should be sought before arrival even for ECNR category. ECR Category workers should follow the e-migrate system set-up by Ministry of External Affairs.

? Salary of US Dollars 500/- and above for non-executive positions in Malawi should be considered with caution, as employers in Malawi, normally do not have the capacity to pay such high wages. There are large number of workers who are not being paid the full salary or no salary, due to poor cash flows. Assurances being provided by employer of being paid salary at a prospective date, should not be accepted and it would be in their interest to return to India/seek other employment opportunities.

? Please study the Contract carefully; especially clauses on duty hours; payment for TEP which is US$2,500 p.a.which could be a reason for non-payment of salary for close to six months for a semi-skilled worker; extended notice period; condition imposed on return after leaving Malawi, payment of part salary in India in Indian Rupees& any other vague or illegal clauses.

? If you have any doubts, you are advised to contact the High Commission on Tel. No. (00265-01755337) or through e-mail to cons.malawi@mea.gov.in or hoc.malawi@mea.gov.in.

? For all general directives/instructions on employment abroad, please visit Ministry of External Affairs Website (www.mea.gov.in); e-Migrate links (emigrate.gov.in) & our website (www.hcililongwe.in).


February 23, 2018